The Tally – Fintech Focus: LMRKTS

LMRKTS is a New York-based startup that helps banks reduce their counterparty risk.

LMRKTS was founded in 2011 by Lucio Biase, a former credit risk analyst at Lehman Brothers, who has also held structuring and trading roles at Credit Suisse and hedge fund Marathon Asset Management. Biase is the firm’s chief executive.

Hilary Park, a theoretical mathematician who has worked as a trader on prop desks at banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and at hedge fund Marathon, is the firm’s chief strategy officer.

LMRKTS, which is composed of a small team, was one of the startups in Accenture’s fintech accelerator programme in New York this year.

Ok, what problem are they trying to solve?

A really, really big one – the firm is trying to help reduce systemic risk in financial markets.

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