TechCrunch “Motive Partners to make first investment in LMRKTS LLC”

A new fintech VC called Motive Partners, founded by a team of fintech entrepreneurs and investors, is launching today with offices in London and New York.

In addition to Heyvaert (former corporate EVP of Global Financial Solutions at FIS; Founder and CEO at Capco; General Manager of Securities and Capital Markets at IBM; and Founder and CEO of Cimad Consultants), other founding partners include Stephen C. Daffron (former CEO at Interactive Data Corporation; Global Head of Technology & Operations at Morgan Stanley; and COO at Renaissance Technologies); Michael Hayford (former corporate EVP and CFO at FIS; and President & COO at Metavante Technologies).

LMRKTS is also backed by Larry Summers, the former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, who sits on the startup’s board. Of course, it’s not always a sure-fire success if your board has alums from the halls of the great and the good. But due diligence is where Motive’s in-house expertise should, in theory, come in most helpfully.

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