Meet the team

Lucio Biase, CEO

  • Began his career in emerging market counterparty credit risk at Lehman in 1999
  • Worked in structured products and derivatives at Credit Suisse
  • Moved from Local Markets Trading to manage Marathon Asset Management’s Risk Reporting, Balance Sheet and Funding
  • Sold half of his previous FinTech start-up to a publicly traded FinTech
  • Sold half the remaining balance to this lead investor a year after their initial investment
  • Successfully Patented the construct of a Synthetic CCP
  • Columbia University Named Scholar: Pre-Med, Environmental Biology & Economics

Hilary Park, CSO

  • Proprietary Trader at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse
  • One of the first Credit Analysts for Marathon Asset Management, Fund grew 50x while employed
  • Graduated from Princeton at age 20 Summa Cum Laude in Theoretical Math
  • Studied under Andrew Wiles, Goro Shimura and John Conway
  • Wilmott Quantitative Finance Certificate 2007

Sandeep Karkera, CTO

  • Helped build Susquehanna's Program Trading System from 2003-2009
  • Designed and developed Standard and Poor's Index Computation Engine (SPICE)
  • Very well versed in handling large volumes of data in short periods of time
  • M.S in Finance from Temple University, B.S in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University

Andy Coyne, Interim Head of FX

  • Started his career at Bankers Trust Company in 1988
  • Went on to develop market leading FXPB platforms at both Deutsche Bank and Citi, winning multiple best in class awards
  • Pioneering executive who envisaged and created a new breed of pre and post-trade technology for the FX Prime Brokerage market, which has become the adopted industry standard
  • Joined Traiana – market-leading provider of pre- and post-trade processing and technology solutions – as CEO in 2012
  • Inducted to the Profit & Loss Hall of Fame in 2013
  • Degree in Financial Economics and an MBA from Cass Business School

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