A streamlined four step process

LMRKTS services are structured to efficiently bring counterparty risk into balance with market exposure – from signing up to the process, to analysis of client data, opting in or out of compression rounds, then planning future rounds. To streamline clients’ legal review, there is a single, straightforward master agreement, supplemented by additional service-specific schedule on a per-product basis. Compression runs follow set monthly cycles, and can also be provided on-demand.

1. Establishment – Legal

  • Straightforward Master Agreement
  • Asset class specific schedules

2. Reporting – Risk

  • Gathering position or exposure data
  • Setting bespoke limits and defining objective functions
  • Submitting this data through secure online portal

3. Compression – Trading

  • Helping define the Locked Market – to ensure that bid and ask prices are in equilibrium
  • Reviewing results and quantifying benefits
  • Confirming participation
  • Executing and booking new trades or processing terminations

4. Settlement – Operations

  • Benefits from new trades or terminations seamlessly integrating with day-to-day ops
  • Processes executions through established workflows downstream due to the ‘zero footprint’ approach
  • Receives reports in existing formats

Multi lateral and dimensional compression

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