Multi lateral and dimensional compression

LMRKTS brings equilibrium to the market – a fresh approach providing multi lateral and dimensional portfolio compression in a way that drives down exposures and reduces costs for every participant in different asset classes. Paid only on the completion of a successful compression round, LMRKTS’ compensation is a function of the total cost reduced.


LMRKTS balances participants’ bespoke limits and individual objectives with a structured methodology that delivers mutually beneficial results. Our proven process enables clients to participate with confidence – secure in the knowledge that LMRKTS is an independent and trusted partner to the largest Tier 1 institutions in the world.

Data Submission

Ahead of signing up to a compression round, participants’ Risk teams gather the necessary position or exposure data, set bespoke limits and define objective functions. This data is then submitted – in clients’ preferred format – via our secure, online portal. As an independent and trusted analytics partner, LMRKTS is neither a market maker or taker – we are in complete alignment with our clients’ objectives, with zero interest or ability to commercialize Banks’ data or trade against it. This ensures the integrity of the process.


Based on client data, and the specific objectives they submit, LMRKTS provides projected results ahead of a run for traders to review. Once a locked market is defined, traders can then verify the benefits and confirm participation, or defer without impeding willing participants. The multi lateral nature of each compression round results in unprecedented savings, and trades are executed below typical trading costs.


The service places minimal demands on Operations and Technology. There is no need to download software or introduce new pipes, products or processes. Our zero footprint approach seamlessly integrates with post-trade workflows. Additionally, reports are submitted to clients in their preferred or existing formats and the benefits of each compression round are realized immediately.

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